Functy is available in a variety of formats and for various platforms. Select what you want from here and you’ll be taken to the appropriate download page on SourceForge. Alternatively you can go direct to the SourceForge downloads page.

Download files

Platform Description Download
Any Some example files
Symbolic source (needed to build Functy from source)
Functy source
GNU/Linux Functy binary x86 .deb package functy_0.25.0-1_i386.deb
Functy binary x64 .deb package functy_0.25.0-1_amd64.deb
Functy binary ARMEL .deb package (for Raspberry Pi) functy_0.25.0-1_armel.deb
Windows Functy binary installer (includes GTK+ 2.12.9) FunctySetup-0.25.0-win32-bin.exe


Compile from source

If you want to compile from the source you’ll need to download both the Functy and Symbolic source archives. Unpack these into separate directories next to each other. Then follow the instructions in the README or INSTALL files for details about how to build them.

GNU/Linux binaries

If you just want to run the program on GNU/Linux, choose the appropriate package depending on your architecture. In this case it might also be a good idea to download the example files (as the examples aren’t included in the packages). If your package manager isn’t .deb based, you may be able to convert to a suitable format using alien.

Raspberry Pi

The ARM .deb binary package has been compiled on a Raspberry Pi under ARM Debian. Grab this if you want to use it on a Raspberry Pi but don’t fancy compiling it yourself.

Windows binaries

If you just want to run the program on Windows, download and run the Windows binary installer. This will download and install the binary version of Functy. It’ll also download and install the Windows GTK libraries if they’re not already installed on your system.

There’s also an msi installer available from SourceForge in case you already have GTK installed or prefer to do this manually.