Functy is still a very young project and it would welcome contributions to make it better. If you’re interested in doing this, there are many ways to help, some of which are outlined below. Please do get in touch if you think you have something to add! See also the list of existing contributors to the project.


Functy is written in C using GTK+2, OpenGL and Glade. Under GNU/Linux it uses the autoconf and automake tools; under Windows it uses MinGW.

I’d welcome extensions to the main application as long as the stick to they core principles of providing a fun, vivid and simple interface for creating 3D functions. As well as the many Functy application, the Symbolic maths library is also always in need of extensions (new functions being added, improved simplification of functions etc.).

You certainly don’t need to be a coder to contribute though. See below for other areas.

Interface Design

Functy needs a clean, easy and consistent interface. The interface is built using Glade and any ideas about how to improve it would be welcome.


At the moment there’s only an English version and it’d be great to support other languages.


At the moment, Functy is only available as source code. I’d love to provide binary versions for GNU/Linux, Windows, or any other platform that it’ll run on. If you have any experience at creating Windows installers, deb or rpm packages then I’d love to hear from you.


The plan is to ship Functy with a whole bundle of interesting example functions. If you’ve created something interesting and would be willing for it to be included with the package, please get in touch.


The lack of project documentation is a serious problem at the moment, and makes the program much harder to use. The plan is to add some instructions and reference material to the Trac wiki. Anyone contributing to this would be really helping the project.


Have some interesting thoughts about mathematical functions, graphs, 3D rendering, computer graphics? All of these things have an important bearing on Functy, and Functy users might be interested to read about them on this website. Send in your thoughts and get them posted up here.


Functy is coded in my spare time and so doesn’t cost anything to develop, so I’m not looking for donations. However, without the excellent tools and astonishing service provided free by SourceForge it would cost a whole lot to make. If want to help the project financially, you could do a lot worse than donating something to SourceForge.


If you can think of some other way to improve the program, I’m always interested. As it’s a spare time project, I can’t make any promise that any submission or suggestion will be acted upon, but I can promise that I’m always pleased to receive good ideas.