Curves Library Joins the Functy Stable

  • 5 May 2012

The Curves library allows various types of tube-like object to be rendered in 3D. Things like Bezier tubes and parametrically defined curves. Although it’s still got a shed-load of functionality missing, it’s reached a more-or-less stable state, which means it’s time to integrate some of this functionality into Functy.

The idea is to allow parametrically defined curves to be added to Functy graph scenes. At the moment it’s not really possible to do this using the existing surface and spherical functions, but I’m hoping it’ll make a useful addition. For example, it would allow 3D charts (line charts or bar graphs) to be easily generated, which could be quite neat.

The library has grown out of Bezier curve rendering I needed for my Knot application. One of the key features of this is that it’ll output Stanford Triangle Format (PLY) files which can be imported into other modelling applications, or even used to create 3D prints.

The plan is to eventually add similar functionality to Functy, and hopefully the addition of this library will pave the way for a collection of new interesting features!

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