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Brilliant Functy Renders by Tony Ralano

  • Posted on July 29, 2012 at 2:17 pm

Tony Ralano has been creating some amazing renders by combining Functy models with his impressive Blender and 3DS Max skills. The image below is an example of a function exported out, then manipulated and rendered using Blender.

Functy 724 by Tony Ralano

Functy 724 by Tony Ralano

Check out the original on deviantart. Tony’s gallery also contains a whole load of his other amazing creations. I plan to post up some more of Tony’s images over the next few weeks.

Interactive Functy function viewing

  • Posted on July 20, 2012 at 12:12 am

One of the obvious but neat consequences of having the new STL export functionality from Functy is that the generated models can be imported in to other things. One of these things… well, p3d.in provides a clever HTML5 in-browser model renderer, which means the models can now be rendered interactively directly into this site (or indeed any others). Check out this version of a ball made from string, generated as a couple of curve functions in Functy. Just click and drag to rotate the model. And if you like it, you can even print a copy in 3D!

Functions in the real world

  • Posted on July 6, 2012 at 1:59 am

This afternoon a very exciting (at least for me!) parcel arrived all the way from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The first ever ‘real’ 3D function generated using Functy and printed by Shapeways using a 3D printer.
I’m really pleased with the results. Shapeways were not only able to print out the rather convoluted function in 3D, but they also printed it in full colour too.

Here’s a screenshot and some photos of the final result.

The colouring is really great - much more vivid than I’d expected - and it’s not as delicate as I’d feared (it survived the journey through the post, at any rate!). This is a spherical function, which is the easiest to print (they generate meshes without holes automatically, which are needed for 3D printing). Hopefully the next step will be to attempt a parametric curve print.

If you want to play around with the model yourself, you can download the Functy definition file, or if you’re feeling flush, order your own 3D printed version from Shapeways. Such is the beauty of 3D printing!

Functy 0.25 released

  • Posted on July 1, 2012 at 1:02 pm

I’m very pleased to announce the release of Functy 0.25. This new version includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes, including the following.

  • Functy can now export models in Stanford Triangle Format (PLY) for use with modelling applications such as Blender and MeshLab.
  • A bundle of new example files have been added to show off the curve rendering.
  • The animation can now be paused using the space bar.
  • The button bar can now be hidden by pressing ‘b’; especially useful when running in fullscreen mode.
  • Shader compatibility has been improved (particularly if a function or its derivative uses exponents).
  • The colour handling of the shader has been improved, so that similar colours are rendered by both CPU and GPU.
  • Various performance improvements, for example when rendering the axes.
  • Various bugfixes, including reversing the orientation of exported spherical functions for better consistency.
  • The Symbolic library has also been updated to a new version.

Functy is available to download via the downloads page for Windows, Linux (x86, x64, ARM) and as a source archive. Functy is licensed under the MIT open source licence.

Although I’m hoping these improvements will make it even easier to use and more stable, there will inevitably be bugs, so please let me know if you find any.